Sunday, 19 March 2017

And the truth will always haunt me

Dear SL...
Did you all miss me? I am for most part all moved, Now starts the unpacking but luckly i can work in blogs and some online time in between.
My first blog back is sort of a forest witch themed. I am not sure how it came about, A mixture of things i guess.
There is so much going on Real life and Secondlife that i am playing catch up at the moment but i will get there, All i ask is that you bare with me.

Blog look #229

Skin: itGirls - Rosa - @Skin Fair
Hair: Moon. - Hair. - Eliminated - @VS
Eyes: {S0NG} - Aimi - Dark Brown Eye
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD
Eyelashes: [okkbye] - Evanescent Eyelashes (CATWA) - @Skin Fair

Bra: Blueberry - #20 - Iconic Doll - Bra - Black - Maitreya - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Panties: Blueberry - #6 - Iconic Doll - Panties - Black - Maitreya - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Nose Ring: Helios - Sophia Septum - 10 - (Gacha) - @Kustom9
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Head Jewel: CURELESS [+] - Moonlight Jewels - (Group Gift)
Body Chain: Blueberry - #25 - Iconic Doll - Body Chain - Maitreya - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Wings: Blueberry - #2 - Iconic Doll - Wings - Black - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Shoes: Blueberry - #4 - Iconic Doll - Shoes - Black - Maitreya - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Pose: Pose that came with chair for sitting one / LUXE. - Demi -1 - (Standing pose) - @Kustom9
Chair: ionic - The Forest Throne - (Gacha)
Pets: -Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx - (LyingDown) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
-Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx - (Sit) - (Gacha) - (Past Arcade event item)
Table/Acessories: DRD - MS - Spell Supply - Display Two - (Past event item)
DRD - MS - Spell Supply - Display One - (Past event item)
Books: floorplan.&Willow. - apothecary books
Pilars: ionic -  Forgotten Pilars - (Gacha)
Build: ionic - Sacred Ruins - (Gacha)

Arcade has been going all month and i am sure the collections and list are all but complete. However if you are anything like me, You will see items you might have passed over on a blog and all of a sudden you must have it!
With this in mind i just had to show off the delicate jewel lined angel lingerie set, Victoria Secret model here i come.
While this gorgeous set really does give that feel, I decided to give it a different spin. When being inspired by the outfit and a possible decore theme, This one kinda just hit me.

Kustom9 has just started their new round for this month and i must say i am always impressed with the range and creative designs this event brings. I picked up more than a handful of items and i am sure i will show more of them in the near future however my first must have item was definitely the new septum rings by Helios. I have gotten a few things from this brand in the past and i am glad to see them hitting the grid a little more. I am in love with their set of septum rings and chose to use the knot style one for this look.

Speaking of must visit events everyone should stop by the Skin Fair. Myself and my girlfriend are crazy about skins and we change them more than most things on Secondlife.
Of course like most, I ahve my faveorites. Amoung that current list is the brand It Girls. They released two skins for this fair, One for Lelutka mesh head users and one for Catwa mesh head users like myself. I fell in love with this skin. I have always liked the small details they put upon their skins. This is especially seen in the nose for me.
Along with skins and such there are also tattoos, Makeup, and everything in between.
Be sure to check it out, Who knows you might just find some stores you have yet to discover and even some releases from those you have known to love.

Below i will leave the adverts for the Skin Fair and i cant wait to see you all there.



So many places to be, So many places to see... So shoo..Off you go. As for me i will be here planing my next blog for when you return.

Music of the moment: Just a song i remmebered and decided to use.
Tears - Clean 8andit

Until Next Time 
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

In light, we fall

Dear SL...
Ok all this will be my last post for a little while because i will be without net for a while due to the move but as soon as i am back i will catch up on my blogging.
Until than have fun falling down the rabbit hole.

Blog look #228

Skin: Bold & Beauty - Kimiko - @Uber
Hair: TRUTH - Asuka - @Uber
Eyes: {S0NG} - Aimi - Dark Brown Eye - @Kawaii Project
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD
Eyelashes: [okkbye] - Evanescent Eyelashes (CATWA) - @Skin Fair

Dress: CURELESS [+] - Red Queen's Realm - Queen's Gala Dress - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Mask: CURELESS [+] - Red Queen's Realm - Cheshire Smile - WHITE - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Ears: CURELESS [+] - Red Queen's Realm - Cheshire' Ears - WHITE - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Shawl: CURELESS [+] - Red Queen's Realm - Cheshire's Shawl - WHITE - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Key Ring: CURELESS [+] - Red Queen's Realm - Curious Alice Keys  - RARE - (Gacha) - @Arcade

Pose: Body Language - SLC SS POSE - Free Fall A
Glass: {anc} - cracked glass - (mist)

I just kinda placed all these items on and they really inspired me, It all just kinda worked.
This all started with the Arcade.
As most will know Arcade is a gacha event and one those ones that you love and hate and than love again because you cant help yourself.
My list of must haves from this event are always a mile long and some of the first on that list was the Cureless and Disorderly items. They were both inspired by Alice In Wonderland, This movie/Book was always one of my all time favourites.
The rare dress from Cureless pictured above comes with a colour change hud and as always inspires creativeness with its over all look. I am more than in love with the mask set that also came as part of this gacha set, It is unrigged and comes with applier for the black part the mouth.

Truth always releases the most beautiful hairs and the latest release is no different. A straight style hair with a slight curl at the bottom. This hair does have a hat version and i love it so much i will most likely blog that version to later.

Kawaii Project is almost over for this round but you are not to late to pop in and get a few things that belong in your inventory. For me this included the Song Aimi eyes, These eyes are so pretty with the tones in them and they come with normal mesh eyes as well as appliers for the Catwa eyes.

Last but not least is the Skin Fair event is about to open and honestly there is such a variety of skins as well as appliers. For my first blog post covering this event i decided to show off the new release Okkbye lashes. These lashes have a hud with a handful of last types, Personally i love them and if you have been seeking those perfect applier lashes look no further.

Below i will leave the adverts for the Skin Fair and i cant wait to see you all there.

 MAP1: (I will add the maps when the uploader will work)

Ok so that should keep you all busy shopping at least for a little while...I am off to pack my computer for moving in real life.

Music of the moment: So beautiful...
In Time - Talos

Until Next Time 
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Sunday, 5 March 2017

I’ll steal the moon

Dear SL...
So this blog post is kind of inspired by my real life computer/study corner, Although i must admit mine is a lot more nerdy inclined with such items as doctor who. In any case i just thought it would be cute to do a post inspired by this.

Blog look #227

Skin: itGirls - Ally 
Hair: TETRA - Coconut Hair - @Uber
Eyes: [Buzz] - Chromatic Eyes - Amber
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD

Cardigan: Blueberry - The Cutieberry - Cardigan & Dress

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Necklace: REIGN. - DIAMOND NECKLACE - #19 - (Gacha)

Pose: La Baguette - Rest'n G.Sit - 3
Mug: #Foxy - Coffee Mug
Chair: Pixel Mode - Victoria's Christmas - Victoria's Chair - (Gacha)
Shelf: Birdy - Spring - Bric a Brac Shelf - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Desk: Birdy - Spring - Chic Desk - (Gacha) - @Arcade
Build: Scarlet Creative - Catskills Lodge

Events, Events and more events... Some people love them, Some people hate them. Me i love the variety of them and exposure it has to many different designers. Of course we all have our favourites.
Two of my regular favourites on the grid opened their doors early this month and this is some of my top picks from them.

Lets talk Arcade, This round was explosive with creative items to be had by all. I was very much a fan of the Birdy chic style spring collection. I am a sucker for the old new theme.
The amount of detail in these items are mind blowing and i knew i needed to own them all.

Knowing the theme of the kinda of picture and post i want to do is only half the battle but also matching that idea with a look with my avatar is another.
Luckily i also visited my other favourite event Uber and this supplied me with the messy updo from Tetra. This hair was exactly what i was looking for. Tetra has a talented eye for designs and this hair is no exception. I love the tones of this hair creator and the smooth look to this messy bun is perfection.

Blueberry is always a go to of mine and the cardigan released recently was the best choice, It gave the right feel of relaxation and comfort that i feel when relaxing with a cup of tea at my computer.
This cardigan comes with a dress underlay but it also has the option to have it removed and for this it gave a slightly sexy feel but still modest which is just my style.

Ok now its tea and book time for me and shopping time for you...

Music of the moment: I love this music...sighs
Bare - Wildes

Until Next Time 
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Yesterday was the tornado warning, today is like the morning after

Dear SL...
Time is a fickle thing and it seems it is never on my side these days. There is never enough hours in the day and yes you guessed it, I am writing in the latest of nightly hours.
It really is exhausting, However there is never an issue with being inspired as the designers of Secondlife keep producing creative items for me to show off.
So here it is...

Blog look #225

Skin: itGirls - Ally 
Hair: TRUTH - Kyoko - @Uber
Eyes: [Buzz] - Chromatic Eyes - Amber
Mesh Head: CATWA - Bento HEAD

Top: CandyDoll - Erika Top - @Uber
Pants: CandyDoll - Erika Pants - @Uber

Nose Ring: .ARISE. - Nose Ring - Gold
Nose Stud: Amala - The Lover Nose Stud
Necklace: .Quirky. - Pom Pom Choker - @Kawaii Project
Headband: .Quirky. - Pom Pom Headband - @Kawaii Project
Shoes: FLite. - Gemini Lowtops - @N21

Pose: SLC - SS Pose Sleeping Beauty side A
Background: MINIMAL - Illusion Background - *3* - @Uber

I can simply not stop raving about CandyDoll, This brand just keeps releasing such amazing items. For this look I am most impressed with the top, I am just a sucker for the strapped patterns.
Both the top and pants for this set fit so snug to the body. As always this set comes with fatpacks and their own extra patterns that come in those fatpacks. But i think the thing i love the most is the fact you can section off three parts of the top for a truely unique look.

Truth has a way of mastering the curly hairs and this hair is no different. The Kyoko hair released at Uber, Comes with option bang set and even a mask. The mask itself can obviously be used without the hair and vice versa, It also comes with its own mask patterns within a hud.

I couldn't go pass the fluffy pom-pom headband and necklace from Quirky. They make the perfect cute component to my outfit, A girl like me has to add that little bit of extra cute.

This will be a short write up today, However there is one other brand i wish to give a bit of love to. Minimal has really blow us out the water with their use of imagination when it came to their recent Uber release. Minimal released a hand full of neon style patterned backgrounds, Above is only a small look of one of the backgrounds.

With all that, I am sure it will keep you busy until my next post. With a whole new round of events ready to open for this month, I will be back very soon.

Music of the moment: I really like this kinda music...Makes me feel.
Beautiful Pain - Eminem Ft Sia

Until Next Time 
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