Sunday, 30 March 2014

Its a silent fear

Dear SL...

So RL is about to get busy again and I am not ready.
I have so much to do and feels like I just don't have the time or energy to get it all done, I feel like I am going to let someone down somewhere and to be honest for me, its one the most horrid feelings in the world.
I like to do things I dedicate myself to well and ugh I cant shake this over whelming feeling that its not going to work out well.
However the items I have install to blog are amazing and a sure way to distract myself.

Blog look #98

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - America - 05 - E
Hair: [taketomi] - Sanae - DBrown - 05

Dress: {B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi maid dress - Black - RARE - @Arcade

Shoes: Ingenue - Pandora Flats (Slink Feet Add-On) - Noir - @Arcade

Food Animals:
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tray Bear [breakfast Egg ] - @Arcade
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tray Hamster Green tea [Cream] - @Arcade
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tea coffee set tray - @Arcade
{B.C.C} - YumYum Mochi Tray Mochi set - RARE - @Arcade

This look I have created somewhat hits home with me, I was a waitress as one of my first jobs ever.
And there is always that one incident that stays with you when you are new to something and it all goes wrong. 
I am speaking from experience, When I dropped a whole tray of orders and I didn't nearly look as cute as B.C.C makes my av look doing it.

Not to mention the oh so cute dishes, I mean come on Mochi on a tray with different toppings. You just have to have them all.
And lucky for you they are all in a gotcha at the Arcade for your collect-o-matic needs.
Along with the maid dress above as a Rare that comes in Black and also a Pink Rare.
I cant express how adorable and well made this outfit is, So I will let you stare at the picture above and let you decide for yourself.
Personally it is a must have for me.
Oh and I forgot to point out the dress also comes with the cute ear maid headband as part of it, As if it couldnt get any better.
Whats that you want a Taxi to run and grab your very own, That's ok I have you covered.
And you best HURRY because Arcade round closes soon!!!!

Music of the moment: A song I came across and its so pretty.
The Paper Kites - A Maker Of My Time

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Saturday, 29 March 2014

I can stay awake for days

Dear SL...

Hi there,
I have some very over due late posts for some events and I do apologise for this.
My health in RL has turned into a nightmare that is never ending at the moment.
So if i go missing for a little longer than usual just know I will b back blogging when I can.
Ok let get to it... So much cute and so little time.

Blog look #97

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - America - 05 - E
Hair: MOON {Hair} - Paper Cuts - Cocoa

Shirt: : Paper.Doll - Bow Bandeau - Black - (Old Arcade item, Check store)
Skirt: *Tentacio* - Cabaret corset -@Serafilms
Tights: Izzie's - Tights - black (less sheer) - (With slink feet applier)
Shoes: tulip - Buckled Wedge Bootie - Black


Tattoo: Corvus - The Truth Tattoo

Pose1: Sari-Sari - Courtesan Poses -@Serafilms
Pose2: Scrapbook Poses - Moulin Rouge Stage -@Serafilms

I have been waiting to do this post as it touches on a important issue for me both RL and SL.
I feel its always important to be yourself and not let others tell you what you should be.
There are so many things that influence us and when people give us labels particularly the nasty ones some how as much as we try to fight them they slowly sink in and get under our skins causing us to second guess our very own feelings and nature.
We are only human and can only take so much.
However knowing your true self and knowing what you are worth is something that will always help you in the situation, Well that and a good support system when you have become overwhelmed.
So no matter what you are called or perceived by others, You are who you are and no one will know you as well as yourself... Trust that.
And really that's what has inspired this look and post, I will also do more on this subject, Because its something I feel passionate about.
This look couldn't be possible without the amazing event Serafilms, Hosted by Seraphim Social.
This event focus on a chosen film of the month and designers create special items to fit within it.
This months (although almost over, Your have two days left to snatch up these goodies) is Moulin Rouge.
Fantastic film and the designers have done such a great job.
So if you are a fan of this film... wait no longer head down and check it out for yourself.
The featured designers i would like to bring special attention to is *Tentacio* they made the cabaret corset worn above and it comes with a hud to change the colour of the skirt lines while the bodice stays black. Its has a great effect.

Music of the moment: This is a song that hits home and is close to my heart.
Christina Perri - Human

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I am a hot air balloon

Dear SL...

Hi there,
So many things happening SL and RL its hard to keep up with two lives.
But I am trying my best, Busy, BUsy and did I mention busy?
I am becoming somewhat a pro at multi-tasking! YAY!?!

Blog look #96

Skin: Glam Affair - Neva skin - America - 05 - E
Hair: !lamb. Xtal - Kit Kat

Shirt: *ionic* - crop top - (flores)
Pants: u.f.o & B.C.C - point damage vintage denim - indigo - S - @C88
Shoes: u.f.o & B.C.C - About Time Walker Shoes - Ivory - @C88

Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy} - Boston Glasses - (Tortoiseshell)
Bunny: .Birdy. - Pocket pet - {Bunny} - White
Backpack: .Olive. - the Carry Me BackiePacks - Mr. Bun Bun - [Female] - [RARE] - (Past Arcade, check store)


This ring for B.C.C was also released lately and is just so pretty its a must have!!!! In all colours!

This outfit is more back to my comfortable zone, What I like to think as the real me.
I love cute,slightly dorky/Nerdy look and although sometimes I can be mistaken as a teen dressed like this, I love it still.
B.C.C and U.F.O are the real heros of this outfit, Having released these "Boyfriend" style baggy pants at C88 event.
I cant tell you how long I have been looking for mesh jeans exactly like these, Its like the creator got into my head and made what I was dreaming of.
Paired with the shoes from same group of stores that are so cute and look hella comfy, and We were a match made in heaven.
These shoes are made to be used with slink feet, So please make sure you have the basic flat female feet before rushing to buy them.

As soon as I laid eyes on the Lamb! hair from C88 and than went to Chapter Four where Ionic had this floral top in wait, I knew my outfit was all but complete.
Add in some Sleepy Eddy, Boston glasses and a cute past arcade gotcha backpack from Arcade (Not that this pic shows enough of the cute detail of the pack, Sorry about that) and there you have it pure sweet, Amazing outfit that you can't help but love your AV in.

Music of the moment: Just something that got stuck in my head.
Happy - Pharrell Williams

Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX


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